Hello China!!

The statistics associated with The War on Error are dismal. Traffic to this blog seems to bring only a dozen or so eyeballs to my writing every week. There has been basically no comments or likes.

However,  amongst these data is a curiosity: most of the views appear to be coming from the far away land of China.

If you are one of those people, if would be very grateful for a comment and explanation about what brings you to my humble web page. Are you many people or just one. I am mildly excited to think that I have some kind of dedicated readership, even if that readership is from the CCP.

Whatever the case may be, I wish prosperity upon the land of pandas. I read a little bit about the China’s construction and liked the part about personal freedom of mind and religion.


P.S. is this Xi?

UPDATE! Nov 24, 2020…it appears that most of my views are from China. I suspect there is some kind of bot that reads everything in the world, including my posts. This is certainly not my target audience.

UPDATE! Jan 5, 2020…it appears my only regular reader in China has lost interest. I am now getting day after day with zero views!

Look What’s Going Down…

During the dumpster fire of the 2020 Democratic National Convention, a bizarre rendition of Buffalo Springfield’s hit single from the 1960’s was presented. The song opens with the line, “There’s something happening in here.” This suggests conspiracy to me. The members of the party have certainly made their fair share of wild accusations against their detested opponent. They claimed that Trump hacked the 2016 election, that he bribed the Ukrainian president to investigate the son of his weakest rival and that his SCOTUS Nominee was a perverted groper (to name a few of their tall tales).

The Flat Earth model of the cosmos is often used to ridicule people with perspectives that deviate from the mainstream media. If we entertain ideas of government deception on a grand scale, we are compared to those who deny heliocentrism. If we point out the sharp decline in deaths from weather-related events, we are dismissed as anti-science. We are painted with tinfoil hats if we have any doubt the in the safety of microwave radiation towers or the coctales of weird shit that get injected into our veins.

We are expected to be affected by sincere voices that share severe messages about the virus, racism or the environment. Social justice warriors and thugs get extremely vocal and aggressive towards those who fail to feel as offended and afraid as they do.

I wonder shamelessly what is real and what is illusion. For example, I consider the possibility that employees at the Metropolitan Correctional Center had the skill, intelligence and equipment to prevent Jeffery Epstein from killing himself.

I am open to the official story that paints a picture of extreme incompetence. I understand that unionized, government works can be very lazy. The perfect storm of lazy guards and technicians could have given the world’s most high-profile prisoner and opportunity to snuff himself out, but considering Jeff’s previous suicide attempt, I find it hard to imagine such cavalier behavior. How stupid and ignorant can unionized government workers possibly be?

To be fair, I was once a unionized government worker and some of my coworkers were very conscientious people who performed far beyond the union’s and the government’s expectations. Police officers are unionized government workers and they usually leave a positive impression upon me. I suppose that it why it seems so bizarre that the ball was dropped in such dramatic fashion with this high-profile poisoner in Manhattan. If I can consider this unlikely scenario, anybody can consider, without scoffing, that something was happening in there, and what it was, ain’t exactly clare.

Some of the first grown-up humor and wisdom that I learned related to the tendency of politicians to be dishonest. Everyone knows that elected representatives are prone to lying, stealing and mediocrity, but the media smears people who suggest that things are not as they seem on TV. Movies and TV series paint who are suspicious of the world around them as paranoid maniacs who wear tinfoil hats. However, such ridicule is no longer enough to dissuade those who consider the possibilities of perverted devil worshipers at the highest levels of society. The bar has been raised to racism.


Why so serious?

If you won’t forgive me for being skeptical about the ability of face coverings to reduce the spread of THE RONA, I will forgive myself. We’ve received so many different opinions about the plandemic presented as absolutely solid fact when it is, in fact, speculation.

TV news showed the incredibly quick construction of hospitals in China. At some point people were getting sick around the world and the government assured us that the risk to Albertans was very low. A few short weeks later, events were starting to be canceled. Bizarre new social distancing protocols were imposed, businesses were forced to close and now we are all obligated to cover our pie-holes with some kind of fabric.

When The United States closed its border to China, Trump’s opponents called him xenophobic. Now they blame him for the deaths that have happened at the hands of the tiny, microscopic particles that float on the edge of life. They wag a very stern finger at their constituents, demanding them to stay home to stop the spread, but some of them just can’t stay away from a hairstylist. They either explain that they take their personal grooming and hygiene very seriously (I guess the rest of us are just filthy slobs) or they explain that it was the hairstylist’s fault when they get caught in their hypocrisy.

The image above shows the progress of the Pandemic in Alberta. The orange line is active cases. After the positive test results were announced, the days went by with steadily increasing numbers of reported infections. A peak reached in late April when over 300 new cases were reported in one day. and about 3000 people boasted of hosting the virus in their bodies. After that, it dropped almost as quickly as it rose and reached a minimum around the first of June. A much more modest upward trend appears to have taken hold and it is and it is difficult to say what effect facemasks are having. When they were first made mandatory, a brief decline in new cases can be seen. I can’t say what it all means. Perhaps this second wave would have been much worse with bare faces smiling everywhere, but the benefits of the masks are not obvious to me.

The blue line on the graph is RONA-deaths. It appears to be reacting to nothing.

Are You Really Laughing Out Loud?

During many conversations online, no matter how strongly I have disagreed with people, I have never laughed out loud at someone’s opinion. To me, it is curious that so many claim to be audibly amused by the serious thoughts that someone has bothered to describe. How often do you see someone hunched over their phone, thumbing words into its screen, suddenly laugh? On rare occasions I see bashful giggles provoked by something on the smooth glass, but for the most part, folks on their phones are pictures of poor posture and impersonal presence. They appear absorbed by their little computers, right down to their very soul. Where are these jolly people laughing their asses off? Does this only happen when they find something sufficiently funny in privacy of their homes? I doubt it. My attention has been directed to someone’s online arguments on very few occasions and never once did it provoke more than a bewildered shake of my noggin. Never once did I laugh out loud. Where are these people whose mirth moistens their crotch?

I suspect that most of these people are exaggerating how funny they find something because they are trying to show disrespect to those who see things in a different light. “Ha-ha! You believe that governments would lie about something! You are a tinfoil-hat conspiracy-theory nutcase! (and a bigot)!”

During these days of derangement, when guilt is cultivated as a cash crop and victimhood is venerated, I crave a fresh forum for ideas where today’s toxic tantrums are absent. I crave the courteous conversations that appear to be increasingly rare out there. What will it take to make those who pose as woke folk tolerant to ideas? Hate awaits anyone who wonders about the devious double standards of the devils that divides us. The bad vibes that abound around the world swirl and simmer. Any position to the right of Trudeau is labeled as racist by fanatics who babble with frantic intensity like vicious, rabid goblins when someone refuses to kneel to their misguided ideals. I must confess to receiving opinions very poorly, many times in my life. I regret the ridicule and the self-righteous rants that I unleashed upon good people who simply shared their thoughts. I promised to never do it again and have done reasonably well in this endeavour. I will allow dialog as long. I was long under the impression that this point in time would be a golden age of discussion. In many ways it is, but the ugly, cynical spite of society might have found a way to get even worse.

I remember a little girl on a TV advertisement many years ago. She was selling excitement for the “information superhighway” that would soon change everything. She took us to the future with the aid of several promising scenes, including a monk sitting on the floor of a monastery plaza, typing into a lap-top computer. The enlightenment that the image symbolized is very different from the mainstream mentality of this moment. Old friends are unafraid to turn their backs forever over a mundane disagreement. They scoff and sneer on their way out of lives. Rude parting remarks are liked on social media by other long-term acquaintances. Strange alienation is today’s way. I will strive to find the buddha within. Perhaps that is more important that the opinion online. LOL.

The Real Rabid Racists

Until recently, the most openly bigoted person that I had ever met was a man from India. I met him while treating myself to a beer at The Ship and Anchor in Calgary. I was scribbling and writing into my notebook when this guy struck up a conversation with me. He demanded the prompt service of the bartender for both of us. He took the money that I had and held it towards the person working the taps and insisted that we get our drinks at that moment.

At some point he asked me if I could guess where he was from. “Pakistan?” I guessed.

“I’m from India.” He corrected me and began to express great pride in his country. He spoke dismissively of Canadian culture and cuisine. He claimed to live with servants at his command and to have killed a tiger with an AK-47.

I asked him what he thought about the recent successful test of a nuclear weapon in Pakistan.

Let’s do a quick flashback! A few weeks before, I found myself across a patio table from a pair of guys from Pakistan. They were much more pleasant and received the same question with much more courtesy. The two of them agreed that their country had to do it.

As I sat at the bar of the Ship and Anchor, the fellow from India described his eager anticipation of war. He wanted to “kill all the Pakis.”

“Oh fuck, man. One day people will say that there used to be a place called Pakistan…We’re gonna blow them off the map.”

At some point, I must have appeared fairly disgusted because he told me not to “look at me like that” and threatened to take my eye out. I did my best to return to my notebook. I did nothing, eventually leaving without incident.

After about 20 years, I have found someone more barking mad with bigotry. Fortunately, I didn’t have to share physical space with such a malicious monster. He has a WordPress website and published an article about how horrible Orange Man Bad is. In a comment, I mentioned Bill Clinton’s flights on Jeffery Epstein’s aeroplane. This person quickly became very abusive.

I consider myself to be an agnostic person. I remain very skeptical about stories of ghosts and goblins, but the behavior of this person and other far left-wing extremists help me imagine demons walking amongst us and driving our thoughts and emotions like deranged Kamikazes. This person that I encountered online was quick to accuse me of raping my daughter (I have no children) and wished to throw me out of his restaurant. This person proudly declared his Blackfoot heritage and explained in hysterical detail how horrible he thought white people are.

Many years ago, I read a biography of the Blackfoot Chief, Crowfoot. I shared this information with the maniac and explained that Crowfoot was a peacemaker. I hoped this would open the door to more polite conversation. The following was its response:

Chief Crowfoot? He would stand right besides me calling out your white supremacist hypocrisy and how you white supremacist ChristoTalibans thought you were so superior to us? You all committed mass genocide against us, stole our lands and then proclaimed yourselves the civilized ones. Civilized ones do not wipe out over 100 MILLION humans in North, Central and South America.

See you seem to misunderstand you punk. Aniwaya are the Wolf Clan of the Tslagi. We are the True Warriors. And? We are here to make sure you white scum? Reap back all you have sown, to Native Americans, to Africans and to many other people of color in your racist white supremacist history of hypocrisy.

Seems the Karma is coming for you white demons of hell. And you all deserve it.

I especially enjoy it when I see all those tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, etc? Taking you all out. I especially love watching many of you white demons dying of Covid-19, especially? Your Christian pastors. We laugh when they keep saying their gawd will protect them and their gawd is stronger than Covid and then end up dead and rotting in their grave.

Every time I see groups of white Christians wiped out? I celebrate. Matter of fact? Any time I hear a group of Christians being slaughtered? I laugh and celebrate. When Muslims cut your heads off? I cheer.When some white pyscho Trumpturd goes into a church and shoots up people? I laugh and laugh and laugh.

See, all the hate, all the racism, all the slaughters, butcheries, mass genocides committed by you Troglodytes of the white race? Is going to come back upon all of you. For as you all sow? So shall you all reap.And as you Trumpturds die? I will laugh and laugh and laugh and then? Go piss and shit on your graves. That is a truth.

This is what you white racist punks taught the rest of us. And now? You all hate having us do unto you punks as you all did unto us huh? Well suck it up and deal with it and keep melting down snowflake in your own hypocrisy. Cause I love seeing you meltdown.

How you like that? Punk.

I gave up on any sort of adult conversation with this creature. His website is a reeking cesspool of morbid vitriol directed at Christians, white people and Donald Trump. Unfortunately, he is only the most extreme Social Justice Warrior (SJW) that I have encountered. I am learning that society is festering with folks who are so righteous and woke that they won’t tolerate anyone who thinks differently than they do.

 A significant portion of people are firmly unwilling to consider opinions that are opposed to theirs. Many are perfectly willing to eliminate everyone from their lives who have opinions that they disagree with. There are blacklists for unfriending so people’s online life can be morally upgraded with a click or tap. I can be easily removed from their lives because the digital word is going around that are racist things like “all lives matter” rotting in my horrible head. However, unfriending is just the beginning of cancel culture. Brainwashed zealots disrupt traffic, harass their opponents and burn buildings. Businesses and lives are being destroyed and crime is spiraling out of control under the outrageous behavior of the so-called “protestors”.

Apologists of Black Lives Matter say: not all BLM supporters are rioters or thugs. That is true, but I suspect that most of the looters, arsonists and destructive monsters are either BLM supporters or degenerate opportunists. I suspect that none of the violent demonstrators are conservative, pro-life or big fans of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. None of them are Trump Supporters or Christians. Tens of thousands of Trump supporters have gathered on many occasions without vandalism, laser blinding or rubber bullets. Is that because of systemic racism or does it have something to do with behavior? Today’s far-left fanatics seem to be behaving increasingly like deranged lunatics. They celebrate destruction and sulk during good times. Their horrible noises turn nice dinners out on the town into nightmares of loud, chanted slogans and the expectation of a knee bent to their manipulative narrative.

Before the pandemic, Donald Trump boasted many times about the low unemployment amongst African Americans. Does this fact confuse the filthy, reeking lowlifes who deplore him with so much brain-puke, or are they unaware of the president’s pride in the prosperity of black people? I suspect they are ignorant and only believe the lies of the mainstream media.

The Risky Green Line

The Blue Line of the CTRAIN (Route 202)

Transportation was an interesting topic before climate hysteria and the corona bacteria from Japan on the economy reduced my enthusiasm for the addition of the “Green Line” to the CTrain’s routes. Transportation continues to be an important part of the civic conversation with the final aproval being given to the undertaking. It is a super-mega project by the standards of land and will command mountains of money. There have also been rumblings on talk radio about passenger rail again linking our city to Banff. Talk of a high-speed link to Edmonton continues to bubble up from time to time, and The City of Calgary has been claiming that it has North America’s most extensive bicycle path network.

Maybe Black Sabbath was singing about our humble LRT system when they unleashed their hit single “Crazy Train” upon the world. Before the pandemic, it was the second busiest LRT network in North America. However, a significant fraction of the nation wants the industry that our economy depends on to be strangled to death. Electric cars are stepping out from the world of science fiction and onto the road. They will also be limited by resources, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to dismiss the growth of companies like Tesla. Will bitumen be able to buy the interesting amenity on the table? I would have put that wealth elsewhere.

While writing an article about the proposed High-Speed Rail (HSR) link between Calgary and Edmonton, I had the pleasure of speaking Peter Wallis of the Van Horn Institute for Transportation studies. He might have sensed my skepticism, and as he tried to explain the viability of a bullet train in Alberta, he used a rhetorical question; “What would you do?” I responded that I was looking for the opinion of a transportation think-tank professional like him, but I later wrote him an email to describe what would happen if it were up to me.

Because there hasn’t been conventional passenger rail transportation between the province’s two largest cities for decades, I have come to believe that we should probably start with a something less zippy than the systems that were proposed. The plan that the Van Horne Institute described included only five stations; downtown Calgary, Calgary International Airport, Red Deer, Edmonton International Airport and Downtown Edmonton. What about exciting destinations like Airdrie, Olds, Lacombe and Wetaskiwin where people are compelled to move to different places within the corridor on a daily basis? I dare to dream of tunnelling under Red Deer and having a subway station in the centre of the middle city.

While we’re on the topic of what I would do if it were up to me…I would significantly improve Calgary’s bicycle infrastructure before committed the city to the financial burden of the Green Line. Calgary is already fairly bike-friendly and it wouldn’t take much to go from a scenic recreational network to a fast, and practical transportation option for many people. I would start with in the North East. Near 32 Ave, there is a pedestrian bridge that allows riders to comfortably go from the Nose Creek pathway, over Deerfoot Trail and towards communities like Rundle, Marlboro and Sunridge. However, moving from the meadows of the creek to the higher ground beyond the big highway quickly becomes much less pleasant. The routes are winding and well endowed with traffic lights. The only specific part of my vision at this point is a 2km viaduct over the roads and warehouses of the area that allow cyclists faster travel from 21rd street, where the pathway first becomes convoluted, to Sunridge Mall, where cyclists have the option of visiting the shopping centre or continue conveniently over the LRT tracks at 36th Street. From that end of the viaduct, the heart of the quadrant will be easily accessible by existing bike paths and quiet streets.

The rest of my vision includes nothing else specific besides more humble upgrades to cycletracks and the promotion of the most efficient form of transportation. Most of the North East is far from the picturesque pathways that the rest of the Calgary enjoys. Perhaps that is why I see so few people peddle around over there. My theory is that a 2km viaduct with a view of downtown in front of the mountains will change that. It won’t be a beautiful natural area like Nose Hill or the River Valleys, but it will improve the peaceful passage of people to so many of their destinations and it will bring cyclists to areas that they might not have considered otherwise. It would be an excellent pandering gimmick for the woke folks. Not only is it sustainable, but it makes it easier for the diverse communities of the area to participate in low-carbon transportation. Perhaps the only danger here is the woke folks claiming that we are trying to destroy their pristine cultures by assimilation. Whatever. I think it’s a good idea because all lives matter and bicycles are the most efficient form of transportation and piss on any one what thinks otherwise because they are stupid.

Calgary to Banff by Train? Maybe that’s where it’s really at. Where else would an avid cyclist want to be after a comfortable ride west?

It is Race-War-Mongering!

Exhibit A

There has always been room for improvement in law enforcement, but it is worth noting that today’s police commit a tiny fraction of the murders in the United States and Canada. Considering how many interactions they have dangerous, diseased drug addicts, and considering the mental illness amongst their ranks, it’s a wonder they don’t kneel on more necks.

Some cops are good. Some are evil. All are exposed to more pressure, temptation and danger than most people in most other professions and it is worth acknowledging their contribution to our elevated quality of life. Despite today’s very low homicide rate, BLM directs attention away from the aspects of their community that also have room for improvement. Whenever actors like Jussy Smollett or Floyd George have notorious encounters with fate, there are leftists lining up to raise a nasty stink about a situation that has improved dramatically over the past century.

I understand that there are still many injustices alive and strong around the world and at home, but I personally accept none of the guilt that many manipulative people expect me to feel. I am open to change (and have a few ideas of my own), but I am shameless in my appreciation of the comfort, wonder and safety we enjoy. Almost everybody in Canada and the United States today have more freedom, sanitation and opportunity than most people throughout human history. I see the vast majority of the people around me getting along and I feel no obligation to financially support anyone from a place where people are more bigoted than BLM says I am. In many countries, people are still bought and sold as slaves, women are treated as inferiors and the life is beaten out of anyone thinking outside the sectarian box. How many died in Rwanda who were more worthy of BLM’s crocodile tears. Liberals label as racist anyone who dares to direct attention away from their mangy martyrs. Some fanatics state very clearly that all white people are Nazis and our crimes completely justify their looting, shooting and burning.

Is it coincidence that you can’t spell Black Lives Matter without BLAME? BLM! It is evil genius of marketing. Black Lives Matter! A very small percentage of today’s population would disagree with such a clear, correct statement. However, this movement is thrown like a brick through windows from which thieves take TVs. It is ruining businesses and ending lives. Accusations of racism shame anyone who says that all lives matter, or anyone who expresses the slightest reservations towards the actions taken in the name of this devious double-standard.

When Jussy Smollett pretended to be attacked by white supremacists, I happened to have several hours to clean house and flip through TV news channels. For Don Lemmon, it seemed like Jussy really was on his way to pick up a late-night snack and was actually beaten up and humiliated by racists wearing MAGA hats. For hours I channel surfed, returning to CNN several times to see Don disinterested in anything else that was going on in the world. Instead, he lectured at tedious length, like a lame authority figure, about a perceived prejudice that permeates The States. He seemed mildly exasperated that people don’t understand how bigoted and backwards The USA supposedly is. He chuckled in despair and got serious with his audience over and over again. Even the scrolling and static text lamented this narrative. The real story was: an actor had faked being a victim. The reported story was: Orange Man Bad. It seemed like CNN had that time allotted to allege systematic oppression and it wasn’t going to change the script for anything, not even the truth. Those scumbags must be delighted that race riots have finally exploded.

Now that a dark-skinned actor has actually died beneath the knee of a police officer, the fake news finally has the shocking, morbid story that it has been craving. However, agitators are still required for things to get ugly because most people just don’t hate each other enough to destroy property without being mentally ill and/or paid. Someone must deposit pallets of tempting bricks in the desired areas because the vast majority of North Americans today, including the police, accept the race and sexual preference of others. The fake news media paints over the favorable reality of today’s society. It is not surprising that they painted the president as a racist even though he often appeared to take lots of pride in the low unemployment amongst African-Americans before the pandemic.

Speaking of actors, when photos of Jussy Trudeau painted in black-face surfaced, I saw nothing malicious in his behavior. It was funny when Eddy Murphy put on white-face. I suspect it was annoying when Trudeau started hamming it up a party (perhaps performing mildly amusing accents and movie quotes), but it probably didn’t hurt anyone. I learned later that Trudy did it several times, taking the time to paint his hands and legs. He also did face brown, but I don’t care. I judged him and continue to judge him on his idiotic policies rather than jump to the conclusion that his idiotic humor was meant to be insulting. BLM and their ilk jump instantly to the conclusion that our society is deeply racist down to its very core and must be fundamentally changed in a manner that they will dictate. They attack any objections as bigotry.

Meanwhile, in The People’s Republic of China, there are many people whose lives really don’t matter to the government at all. They live and die at the pleasure of the Communist Party. The perceived oppression being protested across the United States pales in comparison. Mao murdered many more than Hitler, yet SJWs have meltdowns whenever President Trump speaks, even if he expresses great optimism about inclusive prosperity in the United States. Even CNN’s most convoluted, long-winded white-power fantasy is a liberal paradise compared to shithole countries where homosexuals are thrown from rooftops and newborn girls are drown like kittens.

When Kanye West was Trump’s guest in the oval office, Criss “Fredo” Cuomo suggested that the president was “thinking racist thoughts”. That is pure speculation but let’s say its true. Let’s say Trump paid Kanye to visit and talk about positive things like love and meditation so that Orange Man can appear favorable to African-Americans? Even if Trump is a Racist down to his core, who cares if everyone has opportunity and the economy is strong? Who cares if he is an egotistical, sexist bigot if cities are safe and people are getting along? SJWs care. BLM cares.

I remember reading a quote from POTUS45 that said, “I love Hispanics”. I’m skeptical enough to wonder if the weird-looking orange billionaire with the unusual hair is being honest. It is easy to imagine such a freakish face virtue-singling to advance his agenda. With the mainstream media at war with him, it is very easy to think of him as a charlatan or antichrist. Let’s just judge him by the colour of his skin for a moment and assume that he is a liar. If Hispanics are prospering, I can live with a little virtue signaling from a closet racist. I can live with a lot of virtue signaling from almost anybody if people have food on their tables and are free to pursue happiness.

Did Hitler boast about the success of Jewish people during the 1930s? Very little, I think. Trump, on the other hand, exploits every opportunity to take at least some credit for any improvement in the lives of anybody anywhere; especially in the United States; especially with African Americans. Even if Trump is lying his face off, today’s democrats bare much more resemblance to Adolf than The Donald does.

SJWs, however, will never admit that Trump is less of a monster than they thought. I can admit that I appreciate the legalization of marijuana by a Liberal Party and a Prime Minister that I consistently find infuriating for many other reasons. I can admit that Jean Chretien and Paul Martin left Canada’s finances in reasonably decent shape. Why is the ORANGE MAN BAD mentality so stubbornly, viscously rigid and intense? Some SJWs are people that I used to know as fairly open minded. Now they are unwilling to continue a friendship with anyone whose ideas differ from theirs.

As the name “Black Lives Matter” is spoken or printed for protest, those who brandish it instantly become their enemy. They complain of “white supremacy” but adopt an overtly ethnocentric and exclusive concept to place at the tip of their spear. What hypocrites! They became their enemies the moment they demanded people to knee before their ideals.

BLaMe is the name of the game.

Jagmeet Stink


The Canadian Progressive Conservative Party imploded under the skillful direction of Canada’s first female prime minister, Kim Campbell. With an election approaching, the party ran an advertisement showing a photo of Jean Chretien’s fucked-up face with the text, “Is this the Prime Minister You would like to have?”

Chretien responded in an announcement on television. With puppy-dog eyes, he explained that he couldn’t help that god made him so funny looking. He harvested enough sympathy for himself and hatred towards conservatives to destroy his opponents and remain in power for over ten years.

Decades later I am reminded of this episode by Jagmeet Singh reaction to photographs of Jussy Trudeau wearing black AND brown face, arms, hands and legs on several occasions. Jussy is obviously a massive douche bag, but I doubt that he is a racist. He seems to love people with brown skin, unless his is indeed making fun of them with his antics. Wise men say that impersonation is the sincerest form for flattery, but that’s beside the point. There was political blood in the water and while Sheer was brutal during the debate, it was Juggy who struck first with feigned disappointment, but unlike Chretien, he failed to defeat his opponent. Maybe we are more cynical or callused to shocking revelations than we were in 1993. Whatever the case may be, Juggy was a little less shameless in playing the victim card than his predecessor, but play it he did.

Juggy sinks to cowardly, inaccurate insults on a regular basis. During the debate, he dismissed Maxime Bernier as a racist even though the People’s Party leader clearly expressed his appreciation of Canada’s diversity several times. Bernier pointed out that only six percent of Canadians want more immigration, but that was enough for Singh to consider him unworthy of participation in the television event. Jussy’s choice of racially specific costume didn’t disqualify him in Singh’s mind, but talk of reducing the number of people pouring willie-nillie into Canada justified playing the race card, just like every other politician who doesn’t want to have a real discussion on anything.

Sinking to the common depths of many politicians who want greater government control over our lives in a no-brainer for Singh. It is ironic that he labels people who recognize the reality long term natural variations in weather patterns as “Climate Change Deniers”. This manipulative language demonizes those who are skeptical of efforts to eliminate the energy sources that we all depend on. Deaths from weather related events have declined sharply over the past century, but he expects us to believe in a global emergency that can only be cured by massive government interference in the economy.

He played the victim card, the race card and the ecowarrior card, all within a short period of time and now he is in a position to work with the governing Liberal Party with its humming and hawing Prime Minister who loves to wear costumes and put on makeup. Singh will walk into parliament with plenty of power and intention to stifle Alberta’s economic opportunities. Investment is drying up as business looks increasingly unprofitable here. Many companies are moving their head offices out of the country where projects are approved in a much more expedient manner. It seems like the federal government is entirely committed to helping this happen. They can count on the support of a handsome, charming, turban-wearing weasel for help.

The (intentionally?) Neglected Climate Solution

Greta Thumburg, like her predecessor, Leonardo DiCaprio, are known for spending time on boats. The teenage protester crossed the Atlantic on a sailboat to discourage energy intensive airplanes travel, inadvertently demonstrating how out of touch she and the whole climate movement are with reality. The Actor, owns a huge yacht, demonstrating that he was probably only acting like he cares about carbon dioxide when he was in the climate spotlight. While both of these IPCC poster-people seem happy at sea, the actor’s boat rides are purely for pleasure. The teenager’s boat ride was a publicity stunt that offered no practical solution to a problem that she claims to be desperately upset about.

Everyday, most Earthlings travel by land. Automobiles are, by far, the preferred mode of transportation. Busses are a distant 2nd. Some people travel through the air, as Greta refused to. Very few people make regular trips by sailboat, especially across an ocean. I don’t expect to make such journey during my lifetime. Obviously, the discomfort, danger, extreme inconvenience and cost take sailing off the table for almost everyone’s daily commute.

Few people have never ridden a bicycle. Bikes are easy to acquire, operate and inexpensive to maintain. Of course, many people are unable or unwilling to leave their cars at home. Cycling can be too hot, too cold, too sweaty and getting ready can feel like preparing for a trip to the moon, but the planning and effort involved in a transatlantic trip dwarf the backpack details of my little crosstown adventures. The resources required to bring her to New York by sail might have been more effectively spent by flying the poor little puppet to San Diego where she could hop onto a waiting bicycle and begin an epic ride to the United Nations. Throngs of environmentalists could follow her on the shoulders of a carefully planned and controlled route. Why did she or Leo decide against using the world’s most efficient form of transportation to make their supposedly important point?

I suspect a healthier population that is less dependant on automobiles is only appealing to people who truly believe that carbon dioxide is as bad as alarmists say that it is. Leo flew to the events where he scolded us for our prosperity. Greta, on the other, might truly believe what she says. Why wouldn’t she do a bike tour where fellow alarmists have the opportunity to meet her, ride along with her and join the demonstration?

Perhaps Greta would struggle with all that attention and no script to speak from. One video shows her trying to answer a question that was right up her alley. The reporter was probably looking for her typical statement of anxiety about the environment. She appeared a little confused and shy. A fragment of her usual rhetoric emerged before she seemed to fall apart and politely suggest that some of the other people at the table take questions. It is difficult to say how her disorder effects her, but her endurance for public speaking might be limited along with her lovely speaking ability.

Leo might also feel uncomfortable on a highway or bike path surrounded by idealistic, environmentalist strangers. Creeps might try to grab his spandex. I guess he can’t be blamed for wanting to avoid his supporters and leave the comfort of his extreme wealth to encourage zero-emission transportation.

If the IPCC really wants to promote energy efficiency, they must find a poster-person willing to push such ideals from the seat of a bicycle. Surely there they could find a charming cyclist who would be more than happy to travel the world, answer questions and smile for the cameras. However, the IPCC, would rather administer the massive sums of money required to force wind turbines into the ground and electric cars onto the streets. They manipulate data and human beings to achieve this goal. It is rather sick.

Jordie H

Of the many sickening creatures that have achieved fame in my life-time, Jordan Hunt is the one that I currently empathize with the most at this point in my life. He is a hideously self-righteous social justice warrior who gained notoriety for attempting to kick the mini-computer/camera out of the hand of a woman who was making a video recording his dreadful, obnoxious behavior. His kick landed on the woman’s shoulder. The image jostled. Jordan Hunt quickly explained his error. The woman making the video told him not to touch her. He ran away before the police could arrive. The video went viral and he was recognized and identified before he turned himself in.

I empathize with this creature because, to a lesser degree, I have physically pushed my opinion on someone. It was about twenty years ago and I probably would have agreed with Jordan on many issues at that time. Communism actually seemed like a good idea to me and I let people know that. One day, during my lunch break I brought this topic up and a young lady thought it was horrible that I would believe in a system that put people into concentration camps. I put my middle finger against my thumb and brought them quickly towards her and flicked her in the forehead before explaining that Hitler wasn’t a communist.

I believe that I my wretched, overbearing arrogance fell short of Jordan Hunt’s, but I will refrain from sneering at him because I have also shut down debate with violence. I have been guilty of dismissing someone’s thoughts brutishly.

In the following years, I came to see that the young lady was correct the think of communists as operators of gulags. The version of history that I picked up in school neglected to show the depths of despair under Uncle Joe Stalin. I remember a particular teacher who painted a cautiously rosy picture of life in the Soviet Union. Communist countries do this today.

Jordan Hunt gave me yet another perspective with which to see myself. I shudder at the thought of how many people endured me. A very popular alternative journalist suggests that some extreme left-wing zealots are possessed by demons. Despite being skeptical about demons, such a description seems at least fair for someone who is so ghoulish or clown-like in their behavior. I hope that my ugly moments fall short of the atrocious behavior that atrocious that Jordan was caught displaying, but I’m sure plenty of people have cringed at the sight of me and breathed a sigh of relief when I left, thanks in part to my habit of aggressively pushing my opinion.