Hello China!!

The statistics associated with The War on Error are dismal. Traffic to this blog seems to bring only a dozen or so eyeballs to my writing every week. There has been basically no comments or likes.

However,  amongst these data is a curiosity: most of the views appear to be coming from the far away land of China.

If you are one of those people, if would be very grateful for a comment and explanation about what brings you to my humble web page. Are you many people or just one. I am mildly excited to think that I have some kind of dedicated readership, even if that readership is from the CCP.

Whatever the case may be, I wish prosperity upon the land of pandas. I read a little bit about the China’s construction and liked the part about personal freedom of mind and religion.


P.S. is this Xi?

UPDATE! Nov 24, 2020…it appears that most of my views are from China. I suspect there is some kind of bot that reads everything in the world, including my posts. This is certainly not my target audience.

UPDATE! Jan 5, 2020…it appears my only regular reader in China has lost interest. I am now getting day after day with zero views!

3 thoughts on “Hello China!!

  1. Your blogs provide a different prospective for me to consider. It is always good to have insight into others thoughts and beliefs, even if they are different than your own as it can develop more depth of character.
    Keep on blogging!!


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