The Emergency Actor

Shortly after the self-described “Young Risk Taker”, Floyd George, attempted to buy cigarettes with counterfeit money, he found himself in trouble with the police. He found himself high on drugs and under the influence of Officer Derek Chauvin’s knee. He was then transferred from that unfortunate situation to a morgue. Fans of the Young Risk Taker (YRT) were very upset, especially those of the radical leftist variety. Perhaps they never had the YRT holding the mussel of a gun to their pregnant bellies, otherwise they might have understood that pornstar/meth-heads are often lucky to live as long as The YRT lived.

The mainstream media turned The YRT into a martyr and millions of morons were recruited into militant mobs. Riots raged for over a hundred days in some places. Parts of major American cities were closed off and declared to be independent nations by drug-addled Marxists. Several city blocks were ruled sick, sloven activists who raised ramshackle border walls and presided over death and debauchery. Restaurants were invaded by chanting fanatics who would intimidate and coerce patrons into shouting and kneeling with them. Residential neighborhoods were subjected to hundreds of people yelling, “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up, mother fucker, wake up!” Dozens of people died and many police officers were injured.

President Trump offered to send the national guard many times and I marveled that he didn’t bypass the states and stop the mayhem. ANTIFA had to reach very close to the White House for the police to do much of anything to stop them and when they were prevented from burning down an important church in the capital, Trump was declared to be a despot. The mainstream media (MSM) was brutal to him for the duration of his first term. He was belittled mercilessly every day by comedians, pundits, and the obnoxious, opinionated liars on TV. He was often compared to Hitler. Would Der Fuhrer have allowed groups like BLM or ANTIFA to exist? Would Hitler allow shows like Saturday Night Live to roast him every weekend? Imagine if Trump wore blackface?

The obvious answer reveals the undeniable bias of the MSM. There is no doubt that if photos of Orange Man wearing blackface surfaced, they would be displayed permanently in the corner of every fakenews cast for the next ten years. The tickers at the bottom of the screen would only tell tales of Klansman Trump. Trudeau wore blackface many times and lied about his schedule on very first Day for Truth and Reconciliation so that he could fly right over the bleeding heart of controversy and go surfing. The media says very little about his incredibly obnoxious selfish behavior. The money that his government have paid to keep the legacy media afloat ensures that no one like Alec Baldwin are allowed to give Trudeau the comedic treatment or scathing critique that he has coming.

Fans of The YRT destroyed buildings and businesses. They looted, burned, intimidated and murdered. Many politicians knelt with their cause. The truckers in Ottawa cleaned up after themselves and might have reduced crime. Despite a few agitators who were probably paid, their protest was known to be friendly, fun and totally nonviolent. BLM created chaos and death for months. No emergency was declared. Trucks start blocking streets and honking their horns for a few weeks and Canada’s pathetic Prime Minister, first hides cowardly under flimsy pretexts and then orders his economically idiotic finance minister freeze bank accounts.

Trudeau, who openly expresses admiration for “basic dictatorship” of the most murderous regime in world history, the Chinese Communist Party, moves to freeze the bank accounts of peaceful protesters, but according to the MSM, Trump was a dictator. How ignorant must one be to not notice the double standard? How lazy must we be to remain complacent?

Accusation/Cancel Culture

All Lives Matter

Accusations of racism are as much a part of 2020 as the China Virus. Desperate leftists seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel for reasons to hate western civilization and capitalism. Considering how inclusive society has become, they are decades too late to make their claims of racism. The previous POTUS was a black Arab, for crying out loud. The current occupant of the oval office boasts of his superior service to African Americans. Many of the biggest stars of stage and screen are POCies. The world around me seems more tolerant and integrated than ever. I mostly see people of all colors getting along very well.

It is ironic how those who cry bloody murder when a person isn’t addressed by the unusual gender pronoun of his or her choice are so quick to declare the perceived offender “a bigot”. We are supposed to respect a man who identifies as a woman and if we fail in this outrageous obligation, today’s social justice warriors (SJWs) will label our perceived mistake as “hate speech”. It doesn’t matter that a very tiny fraction of people would identify as a NAZI; they will be treated as one if they don’t wax the balls of someone who identifies as a lady.

It is curious that sexual harassment has fallen out of fashion after the death of Jeffery Epstein. Not long ago, “rape culture” was a very popular trope to throw around but it seems to have been replaced by a rabid compulsion to perform violent virtue signaling against racism. The desire of leftists to focus on problems that have diminished a great deal in recent decades does nothing to relieve me of my suspicion that their leaders have something to hide on the topic of a notorious airplane that flew to a notorious island. Perhaps it was necessary to change the subject to spare their creepy leaders the justice they deserve. The modern mob has turned 180° away from their Constant claims of toxic masculinity in favor fists, fire and intimidation.

No matter how many times Donald Trump has spoken out against bigots, the fakenooz media continues to claim that he has never disavowed the KKK or white supremacy. Video of him denouncing hate is currently available for anyone who wants to find it.

You can find anything on the internet, including the transcript of George Floyd’s funeral. It is not surprising that every speaker omitted details of his career in pornography and use of drugs. When the world bids me farewell, my use of marijuana might be an amusing detail for those gathered to send-off my mortal remains. Floyd’s use of crystal meth is might have been less endearing for his family and it wouldn’t have fit the narrative of the innocent black man targeted for death by a quartet of racist white cops.

If it wasn’t for the mainstream media adopting The Landlord (Floyd’s pornography screen name) as a martyr, his funeral would have been a much humbler affair with a very limited number of attendees, just like everyone else who had the misfortune of dying in 2020. However, the media behaved as though all the puppies in the world had just been kicked. They described people as “white supremacists” when those people identify as reasonable and tolerant.

Perhaps we should treat bigots and men who self-identify as women the same. Perhaps we should think of them as people suffering from mental health problems. To me, it seems unhealthy to allow men and women of one skin color to operate under the assumption that they are above or below men and women of another skin color. It also strikes me as sick to allow people who either have testicles or grew up with testicles to be allowed to demolish biological females in sports.

Speaking of demolishing human bodies, perhaps it should also be a mental health issue when a cop kneels on someone’s neck for more than the time required to place restraints on the wrists in question. I suspect Floyd George would have been treated as a head-case at some point during his life. Unfortunately, the care that a degenerate criminal needs is often difficult to give. Police, at least, are under obligations to be functional people and have resources available to them to support their well being. Until the biopic I CAN’T BREATH comes out, I won’t know how much help Floyd received, but it obviously wasn’t enough. When two or more mentally ill people meet in a law enforcement situation, bad things are bound to happen. A place of employment wasn’t the only thing that George shared with the man who killed him. They were also brothers in madness. They danced with insanity and neither will ever be the same.

It is Race-War-Mongering!

Exhibit A

There has always been room for improvement in law enforcement, but it is worth noting that today’s police commit a tiny fraction of the murders in the United States and Canada. Considering how many interactions they have dangerous, diseased drug addicts, and considering the mental illness amongst their ranks, it’s a wonder they don’t kneel on more necks.

Some cops are good. Some are evil. All are exposed to more pressure, temptation and danger than most people in most other professions and it is worth acknowledging their contribution to our elevated quality of life. Despite today’s very low homicide rate, BLM directs attention away from the aspects of their community that also have room for improvement. Whenever actors like Jussy Smollett or Floyd George have notorious encounters with fate, there are leftists lining up to raise a nasty stink about a situation that has improved dramatically over the past century.

I understand that there are still many injustices alive and strong around the world and at home, but I personally accept none of the guilt that many manipulative people expect me to feel. I am open to change (and have a few ideas of my own), but I am shameless in my appreciation of the comfort, wonder and safety we enjoy. Almost everybody in Canada and the United States today have more freedom, sanitation and opportunity than most people throughout human history. I see the vast majority of the people around me getting along and I feel no obligation to financially support anyone from a place where people are more bigoted than BLM says I am. In many countries, people are still bought and sold as slaves, women are treated as inferiors and the life is beaten out of anyone thinking outside the sectarian box. How many died in Rwanda who were more worthy of BLM’s crocodile tears. Liberals label as racist anyone who dares to direct attention away from their mangy martyrs. Some fanatics state very clearly that all white people are Nazis and our crimes completely justify their looting, shooting and burning.

Is it coincidence that you can’t spell Black Lives Matter without BLAME? BLM! It is evil genius of marketing. Black Lives Matter! A very small percentage of today’s population would disagree with such a clear, correct statement. However, this movement is thrown like a brick through windows from which thieves take TVs. It is ruining businesses and ending lives. Accusations of racism shame anyone who says that all lives matter, or anyone who expresses the slightest reservations towards the actions taken in the name of this devious double-standard.

When Jussy Smollett pretended to be attacked by white supremacists, I happened to have several hours to clean house and flip through TV news channels. For Don Lemmon, it seemed like Jussy really was on his way to pick up a late-night snack and was actually beaten up and humiliated by racists wearing MAGA hats. For hours I channel surfed, returning to CNN several times to see Don disinterested in anything else that was going on in the world. Instead, he lectured at tedious length, like a lame authority figure, about a perceived prejudice that permeates The States. He seemed mildly exasperated that people don’t understand how bigoted and backwards The USA supposedly is. He chuckled in despair and got serious with his audience over and over again. Even the scrolling and static text lamented this narrative. The real story was: an actor had faked being a victim. The reported story was: Orange Man Bad. It seemed like CNN had that time allotted to allege systematic oppression and it wasn’t going to change the script for anything, not even the truth. Those scumbags must be delighted that race riots have finally exploded.

Now that a dark-skinned actor has actually died beneath the knee of a police officer, the fake news finally has the shocking, morbid story that it has been craving. However, agitators are still required for things to get ugly because most people just don’t hate each other enough to destroy property without being mentally ill and/or paid. Someone must deposit pallets of tempting bricks in the desired areas because the vast majority of North Americans today, including the police, accept the race and sexual preference of others. The fake news media paints over the favorable reality of today’s society. It is not surprising that they painted the president as a racist even though he often appeared to take lots of pride in the low unemployment amongst African-Americans before the pandemic.

Speaking of actors, when photos of Jussy Trudeau painted in black-face surfaced, I saw nothing malicious in his behavior. It was funny when Eddy Murphy put on white-face. I suspect it was annoying when Trudeau started hamming it up a party (perhaps performing mildly amusing accents and movie quotes), but it probably didn’t hurt anyone. I learned later that Trudy did it several times, taking the time to paint his hands and legs. He also did face brown, but I don’t care. I judged him and continue to judge him on his idiotic policies rather than jump to the conclusion that his idiotic humor was meant to be insulting. BLM and their ilk jump instantly to the conclusion that our society is deeply racist down to its very core and must be fundamentally changed in a manner that they will dictate. They attack any objections as bigotry.

Meanwhile, in The People’s Republic of China, there are many people whose lives really don’t matter to the government at all. They live and die at the pleasure of the Communist Party. The perceived oppression being protested across the United States pales in comparison. Mao murdered many more than Hitler, yet SJWs have meltdowns whenever President Trump speaks, even if he expresses great optimism about inclusive prosperity in the United States. Even CNN’s most convoluted, long-winded white-power fantasy is a liberal paradise compared to shithole countries where homosexuals are thrown from rooftops and newborn girls are drown like kittens.

When Kanye West was Trump’s guest in the oval office, Criss “Fredo” Cuomo suggested that the president was “thinking racist thoughts”. That is pure speculation but let’s say its true. Let’s say Trump paid Kanye to visit and talk about positive things like love and meditation so that Orange Man can appear favorable to African-Americans? Even if Trump is a Racist down to his core, who cares if everyone has opportunity and the economy is strong? Who cares if he is an egotistical, sexist bigot if cities are safe and people are getting along? SJWs care. BLM cares.

I remember reading a quote from POTUS45 that said, “I love Hispanics”. I’m skeptical enough to wonder if the weird-looking orange billionaire with the unusual hair is being honest. It is easy to imagine such a freakish face virtue-singling to advance his agenda. With the mainstream media at war with him, it is very easy to think of him as a charlatan or antichrist. Let’s just judge him by the colour of his skin for a moment and assume that he is a liar. If Hispanics are prospering, I can live with a little virtue signaling from a closet racist. I can live with a lot of virtue signaling from almost anybody if people have food on their tables and are free to pursue happiness.

Did Hitler boast about the success of Jewish people during the 1930s? Very little, I think. Trump, on the other hand, exploits every opportunity to take at least some credit for any improvement in the lives of anybody anywhere; especially in the United States; especially with African Americans. Even if Trump is lying his face off, today’s democrats bare much more resemblance to Adolf than The Donald does.

SJWs, however, will never admit that Trump is less of a monster than they thought. I can admit that I appreciate the legalization of marijuana by a Liberal Party and a Prime Minister that I consistently find infuriating for many other reasons. I can admit that Jean Chretien and Paul Martin left Canada’s finances in reasonably decent shape. Why is the ORANGE MAN BAD mentality so stubbornly, viscously rigid and intense? Some SJWs are people that I used to know as fairly open minded. Now they are unwilling to continue a friendship with anyone whose ideas differ from theirs.

As the name “Black Lives Matter” is spoken or printed for protest, those who brandish it instantly become their enemy. They complain of “white supremacy” but adopt an overtly ethnocentric and exclusive concept to place at the tip of their spear. What hypocrites! They became their enemies the moment they demanded people to knee before their ideals.

BLaMe is the name of the game.