The Political Spectrum

The Political/Economic Spectrum.

Fascism is a word that gets thrown around by Social Justice Warriors (SJWs). In my conversations that I attempt to have with them, they become hostile and condescending, but are unable to define “fascism” except to say that it is a frightening characteristic of people on the “far right”. They end friendships with people who express any ideas that they have been conditioned to hate. Some are so brutally indoctrinated that they obsessively include things like masculinity and private ownership as characteristics of fascism.

However, if the simplest description of the political/economic spectrum is used, fascism is clearly on the left where there is greater government control over society. On the right, where governments have less power and individuals have greater freedom, it is impossible for power-hungry monsters like Hitler to achieve their goals. Socialists desperately what to disown the National Socialist party of Germany and put the blame for his crimes on capitalism. The Nazis cut social programs and therefore leftists claim that it was capitalism that caused the second world war and holocaust. In their minds, Donald Trump is a fascist and some of them go as far as saying that he is “literally Hitler”.

It seems to me that some concepts of the political spectrum are very convoluted and confusing. SJWs rationalize that because the Nazis cut social programs, they are certainly on the right wing. According to them, anyone who wants less government than Weimar Germany offered is on the so-called right wing.

While it is true that Hitler cut social programs and permitted private businesses for Aryans, he was far from being a small-government libertarian who supported free-market capitalism. There were high taxes and very strong influence over many aspects of life by the state, including industry. The republic that replaced the German Empire after the first world war inherited gargantuan problems that politicians attempted to fix by printing money. If your currency was valued trillions to one against the U.S. dollar, what would you do? The economy was in such shambles after the first world war that no SJW is capable of understanding how horrible things were. Many people were horribly disfigured, trembling amputees with shellshock (PDSD) and severe hearing damage. Many people were dead. The Treaty of Versailles insured that their offspring where financially enslaved to France and the United States for generations. SJWs, in their delusion, insist that Germany before the second world war was basically like today’s USA and crawling with proto-Trump supporters.

SJWs label Nazis as “far right”. Do they think that moving away from communism first decreases government control over people until it reaches a minimum and then begins to increase again, like a sinewave? This manipulative way of thinking is unfortunate because it gives the impression that people who want freedom and small government are fascists.

Hard work and innovation are suddenly met with the scorn of screaming, militant Marxists who, in some cases, will start fires, loot businesses and hurt people unwilling to endorse their movement. However, in the clown-world of SJWs where up is down and left is right, the truck drivers who found their way to Ottawa and honked their horns are somehow the bad guys. A significant number of the drivers were of East Indian ancestry, but that didn’t stop the MSM from characterizing images the protests with images of a Confederate flag amongst the protesters and focusing on vague reports of unfavorable behavior on the part of “far-right-extremists”.

Can people begin to think logically about the political spectrum or is it me who is crazy for thinking that Hitler and his big-government and extreme control of his population belongs on the left with the other monsters who call themselves socialists? Perhaps someone can explain to me why they associate Nazis and their concentration camps with people who value hard work and independence instead of associating Nazis with communists. Hitler would never tolerate the comedy and relentless insults that Trump endured every day in the (MSM) for his entire first term. Orange Man boasted about the prosperity of minorities when he was in office and continues to talk about how good things were for everybody (except D.C. swamp creatures) under his administration. On January 6th, he clearly called for “peaceful” protest. By what ridiculous mental gymnastics is he similar to Hitler?

Help me with the intellectual contortionism required to think that Joe Biden is a better president in any way.