The Election Correction

Is this for real?

I will presume, for the moment, that the election results from Wisconsin are accurate and without manipulation. I can consider that many, many more of the people who voted by mail liked Biden more than Trump. Perhaps Biden supporters are very practical or lazy or afraid of the RONA and preferred to keep their distance from places where thousands of people would pass through. On the other hand, maybe the mail-in ballots would have been closer to the results of November 3rd if the truth of Hunter Biden’s computer was as obvious as they were on election day.

Could people have hated Trump and voted against him only to regret it when they saw those rotten teeth or that cigarette hanging from that unshaven face? Perhaps their opinion changed when they learned of “The Chairman/Big Guy” and the cut that he was to take from the highly questionable business deals that were typed about. The details contained on the hard drive might have melted a universal orange man bad mentality…but I doubt it.

The fakenooz lie when they call him “unpopular”. I’ve never seen such genuine love for a politician in my lifetime. Of course, there are those who hate him no matter how many people say that they are doing better after three years with his administration than they were under the previous president. There are people who will call him a fascist no matter how low he pushes the unemployment rate amongst black people. There are people who will hate him more than they’ve ever hated, but enough have managed to think outside the MSM box to appreciate at least some of the things that he has done and question the actions of the previous pair who occupied the Oval Office, even before we saw Sleepy Joe struggling to remember where he was or who he was with. Enough people have seen the former vice president’s son sleeping with a crackpipe and learned about his strange perversions, weeks before election day.

Despite all the speculation about how the vote could appear so highly questionable, it is hard to ignore the obvious possibility that Occam’s Razor might explain: Fraud. The explanations get more and more complicated the strange shutdown of the counting is considered. The fact that the counting continues after the media has begun calling Creepy Joe “president elect” defies simple explanation.