The Emergency Actor

Shortly after the self-described “Young Risk Taker”, Floyd George, attempted to buy cigarettes with counterfeit money, he found himself in trouble with the police. He found himself high on drugs and under the influence of Officer Derek Chauvin’s knee. He was then transferred from that unfortunate situation to a morgue. Fans of the Young Risk Taker (YRT) were very upset, especially those of the radical leftist variety. Perhaps they never had the YRT holding the mussel of a gun to their pregnant bellies, otherwise they might have understood that pornstar/meth-heads are often lucky to live as long as The YRT lived.

The mainstream media turned The YRT into a martyr and millions of morons were recruited into militant mobs. Riots raged for over a hundred days in some places. Parts of major American cities were closed off and declared to be independent nations by drug-addled Marxists. Several city blocks were ruled sick, sloven activists who raised ramshackle border walls and presided over death and debauchery. Restaurants were invaded by chanting fanatics who would intimidate and coerce patrons into shouting and kneeling with them. Residential neighborhoods were subjected to hundreds of people yelling, “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up, mother fucker, wake up!” Dozens of people died and many police officers were injured.

President Trump offered to send the national guard many times and I marveled that he didn’t bypass the states and stop the mayhem. ANTIFA had to reach very close to the White House for the police to do much of anything to stop them and when they were prevented from burning down an important church in the capital, Trump was declared to be a despot. The mainstream media (MSM) was brutal to him for the duration of his first term. He was belittled mercilessly every day by comedians, pundits, and the obnoxious, opinionated liars on TV. He was often compared to Hitler. Would Der Fuhrer have allowed groups like BLM or ANTIFA to exist? Would Hitler allow shows like Saturday Night Live to roast him every weekend? Imagine if Trump wore blackface?

The obvious answer reveals the undeniable bias of the MSM. There is no doubt that if photos of Orange Man wearing blackface surfaced, they would be displayed permanently in the corner of every fakenews cast for the next ten years. The tickers at the bottom of the screen would only tell tales of Klansman Trump. Trudeau wore blackface many times and lied about his schedule on very first Day for Truth and Reconciliation so that he could fly right over the bleeding heart of controversy and go surfing. The media says very little about his incredibly obnoxious selfish behavior. The money that his government have paid to keep the legacy media afloat ensures that no one like Alec Baldwin are allowed to give Trudeau the comedic treatment or scathing critique that he has coming.

Fans of The YRT destroyed buildings and businesses. They looted, burned, intimidated and murdered. Many politicians knelt with their cause. The truckers in Ottawa cleaned up after themselves and might have reduced crime. Despite a few agitators who were probably paid, their protest was known to be friendly, fun and totally nonviolent. BLM created chaos and death for months. No emergency was declared. Trucks start blocking streets and honking their horns for a few weeks and Canada’s pathetic Prime Minister, first hides cowardly under flimsy pretexts and then orders his economically idiotic finance minister freeze bank accounts.

Trudeau, who openly expresses admiration for “basic dictatorship” of the most murderous regime in world history, the Chinese Communist Party, moves to freeze the bank accounts of peaceful protesters, but according to the MSM, Trump was a dictator. How ignorant must one be to not notice the double standard? How lazy must we be to remain complacent?

Are You Really Laughing Out Loud?

During many conversations online, no matter how strongly I have disagreed with people, I have never laughed out loud at someone’s opinion. To me, it is curious that so many claim to be audibly amused by the serious thoughts that someone has bothered to describe. How often do you see someone hunched over their phone, thumbing words into its screen, suddenly laugh? On rare occasions I see bashful giggles provoked by something on the smooth glass, but for the most part, folks on their phones are pictures of poor posture and impersonal presence. They appear absorbed by their little computers, right down to their very soul. Where are these jolly people laughing their asses off? Does this only happen when they find something sufficiently funny in privacy of their homes? I doubt it. My attention has been directed to someone’s online arguments on very few occasions and never once did it provoke more than a bewildered shake of my noggin. Never once did I laugh out loud. Where are these people whose mirth moistens their crotch?

I suspect that most of these people are exaggerating how funny they find something because they are trying to show disrespect to those who see things in a different light. “Ha-ha! You believe that governments would lie about something! You are a tinfoil-hat conspiracy-theory nutcase! (and a bigot)!”

During these days of derangement, when guilt is cultivated as a cash crop and victimhood is venerated, I crave a fresh forum for ideas where today’s toxic tantrums are absent. I crave the courteous conversations that appear to be increasingly rare out there. What will it take to make those who pose as woke folk tolerant to ideas? Hate awaits anyone who wonders about the devious double standards of the devils that divides us. The bad vibes that abound around the world swirl and simmer. Any position to the right of Trudeau is labeled as racist by fanatics who babble with frantic intensity like vicious, rabid goblins when someone refuses to kneel to their misguided ideals. I must confess to receiving opinions very poorly, many times in my life. I regret the ridicule and the self-righteous rants that I unleashed upon good people who simply shared their thoughts. I promised to never do it again and have done reasonably well in this endeavour. I will allow dialog as long. I was long under the impression that this point in time would be a golden age of discussion. In many ways it is, but the ugly, cynical spite of society might have found a way to get even worse.

I remember a little girl on a TV advertisement many years ago. She was selling excitement for the “information superhighway” that would soon change everything. She took us to the future with the aid of several promising scenes, including a monk sitting on the floor of a monastery plaza, typing into a lap-top computer. The enlightenment that the image symbolized is very different from the mainstream mentality of this moment. Old friends are unafraid to turn their backs forever over a mundane disagreement. They scoff and sneer on their way out of lives. Rude parting remarks are liked on social media by other long-term acquaintances. Strange alienation is today’s way. I will strive to find the buddha within. Perhaps that is more important that the opinion online. LOL.